CYCAS - Community Youth Children & SportCommunity, Youth, Children and Sport

There has been a huge number if resources built to empower Christian sports men and women and the local church to connect with children and youth through sports.

Some of the key resources that are available free of charge include:

  • KidsGames Curriculums
  • Whole Life Coaching
  • Max7 Discipleship resources for Children’s Ministry leaders
  • Max7 Discipleship training for Children’s Ministry leaders and workers
  • Youth Sports Leadership Development curriculums for Youth Ministry leaders.

Foundational CYCAS Training Modules include

  • A big vision for CYCAS
  • Discipleship vision
  • Introduction to all CYCAS strategies
  • Learning through games
  • Relational leadership
  • Strategy and planning
  • Understanding sport and the Bible
  • How to interpret the Bible
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