Global Community Games

Training and resources are free and can be accessed through the following links.


  • KidsGames Curriculums
  • Brochures explaining what KidsGames is
  • Posters to advertise a KidsGames event
  • Logos
  • Sports and Games ideas manual
  • Ceremony Manuals
  • World Championship manuals
  • Other Global Community Games material including FamilyGames and TeenGames

Video Links

  • What is KidsGames… this helps unpack some of the key components of a KidsGames event.
  • KidsGames Highlights… this is a video clip showing how 10 churches worked together on the North Shore and Hibiscus Coast areas and has interviews or 2 young people who have experienced KidsGames both as children and now as leaders. It highlights the positive memories it created in them as children and the leadership development opportunities that it gave them. They were both involved in running a KidsGames event in New Zealand as part of their training to lead KidsGames in Magugu Tanzania as part of the KingsWay School’s Mission team to Tanzania.
  • World Championships… these short video clips show you how to run these simple but fun World Championship events.
  • Aim Lower… this highlights the power of working in partnership with other churches and groups in your community.

Training Modules include

  • What’s so amazing about KidsGames and GCG?
  • Models of running KidsGames and GCG
  • Sports and games in GCG
  • KidsGames programme day and curriculum
  • Organising your KidsGames
  • KidsGames ceremonies and World Championship events
  • Million hours compassion projects and other elements
  • Starting a KidsGames/GCG strategy planning
  • TeenGames
  • FamilyGames
  • EdgeGames
  • Multiplication
  • Involving people with disabilities
  • Kidsmedia
  • Link Partnerships
  • GCG Resources

Please contact us for access to KidsGames resources and videos.