The Ultimate Goal (TUG)

Sport is the great universal language of our time.

The Ultimate Goal (TUG) logoGreat sporting events excite and inspire us. Sports persons are often heroes and role models locally, nationally and internationally. Increasingly churches and agencies understand the potential of sporting events as a bridge of ministry to children, teenagers, men, women entire families and for working in partnership resulting in sustainable outcomes.

The TUG Booklet is designed to help you plan for any sports event that attracts the attention of people where you live. This can be a World Championship that is hosted in a City, a Global Sports Event that is broadcasted worldwide, a Regional Tournament your country is a part off or simply a football Championship between two remote villages anywhere in the world.

The focus of this TUG Booklet:


Is for every village, town, city and country team to understand sports event ministry and encourage some form of TUG ministry around the football world cup.


To introduce 10 key programs that can be carried during football event ministries not only during the football world cup but also other local football competitions.


To introduce 3 partner resources that have been produce for TUG ministries around the world cup and to generate interest for possible opportunities in your country.

Download the TUG 2014 Activity Booklet (20MB PDF)

The main headings in the booklet are:

  • Sport is the great universal language of our time
  • History of Sports Event Ministry
  • The Sports Event Overview
  • The Ultimate Goal
  • Sustainable Long -Lasting Strategies
  • Church Services
  • Public Sports Screens & Community Sports Festivals
  • Resource Distribution
  • Some of the many TUG Resources
  • Sports Camps
  • Sports Clinics
  • Sports Teams Competition
  • Ubabalo Coaching for Life (CFL)
  • Community Cup
  • Global Community Games e.g. KidsGames