Ubabalo International LogoUbabalo is a concept to utilise sport techniques/skills during sports coaching to transition to sound Biblical values, which in essence opens up a great avenue to Biblical trust and life-skill wisdoms. As sport provides the best “language” to communicate with the youth, the training of sport coaches into Whole Life Coaches provides the most efficient transformative impact amongst the youth.

Sport coaches are trained in Whole Life Coaching principles and supplied the Ubabalo curriculum. The sports coach uses sport as a microcosm of life to instill sound life values. Each sport skill is linked with a corresponding Biblical value which is taught as part of the bi-weekly / tri-weekly sports training. The values operate as open doors to Bible-based discipleship.

The objective is to transform youth through whole life coaching.

As Ubabalo has touched a felt need globally, the long-term plan is to continue providing training, development of life skills and leadership lessons for different sporting codes and in different languages.

In November 2013 a Kids Ubabalo using the Games Centred Approach will be launched and training available.

Ubabalo Training Modules include:

  • Why Ubabalo?
  • Ubabalo demonstration lesson
  • Role Play
  • Group facilitation skills
  • Kids Ubabalo Games Centred Approach