Home Hosting

Home hosting logoThe Home Hosting programme runs alongside any major sporting events that are held in New Zealand. It is designed to assist families of athletes or officials an economical accommodation option while supporting their athlete or team.

The programme asks NZ Christians who love God and have a love for others, to open their homes to the family members of players and officials.

Expectations of a Guest

  • Apply on line
  • Provide own transport to the match/event city
  • Provide own match/event tickets
  • Provide own meals other than breakfast
  • Enjoy the hosting experience and “make a friend for life”

Expectations of a Host

  • Host individuals, couples of a family for the days of the event or 3 days around a match date
  • Provide a clean and comfortable separate bedroom.
  • Provide a FREE breakfast
  • Meet your guest either at the airport or an agreed place central to the city or town you live in
  • Transport your guest to the nearest public transport hub on the days of the event


  • Separate bathroom where possible
  • Provision of other meals outside of breakfast
  • Transport to and from the sporting venue
  • Social activities when this fits into your schedule